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"Malvern came to my home on Friday morning to service both my laptop and my wife's laptop. My older laptop was virtually grinding to a halt and had frozen on numerous occasions. Two hours later, following a thorough service (and a memory upgrade for my laptop) and both laptops were flying again like new! Great service, great price, very professional and thoroughly nice guy! Will definitely use again and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services to others. Many thanks, Martin"

Martin L

"Malvern has done wonders. Thank you!!! Would definitely recommend."

Lesley B

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Desktop Laptop repairs

desktop and laptop repairs

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desktop and laptop repairs

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Microsoft Refurbisher Program raising the standard for refurbished pc's

In it we are required to only sell Qualified Pc's this is the list of criteria that they ask for:


1 : The computer has been in distribution and used by an end user for at least 6 to 12 months.


2: To the best information we can obtain contains the same motherboard as originally distributed.


3: Must have an original valid COA sticker for a windows operating product affixed to the pc they will look something like this- (does not apply for windows 8 or 10) 



4: The pc is refurbished for new users and either owned by us during the refurbishment process or we have agreed a contractual relationship with a third party to refurbish the pc.


Refurbishing what does it mean under this program:


Refurbishing under this licence describes the work that is required to make a used essentially intact pc suitable for a new owner.


As a minimum standard the refurbishment process includes the following:


1: That it is cleaned.


2: If necessary repair or replace or add additional parts.


3: If necessary includes upgrades:


3a: Upgrades may include adding extra random access memory and a new hard drive.


3b: The motherboard can be replaced but it must be replaced with a motherboard of the same specification as the original.


3c: We cannot upgrade the central processing unit.


4: Clearing of data and software:


4a: Any hard drive that is reused is formatted in accordance with the guidelines for media sanitization published in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-88.


5: All refurbishment is done in a professional workmanlike manner.


6: Refurbishment work complies with all applicable local and national laws and regulations.


Final Checklist for supplying refurbished computers:


1: Windows and if applicable Microsoft office have been preinstalled.


2: There is an COA affixed to the pc case or to the recovery media dvd booklet in the case for Microsoft office.


3: A windows product key has been supplied by Microsoft.


4: There is a recovery option this is supplied with recovery media included in the product pack a hard disk recovery image is available if required.


4a: The hard drive based recovery system is installed on a partition this is used only to restore windows desktop operating system software preinstalled on the refurbished pc documentation is provided to the end user indicating that the hard drive recovery system is provided only for that purpose. An additional option is also available to the end user to create an end user recovery cd/dvd only one copy is allowed.


5: The end user must read the EULA licence agreement and agree to the licence terms an additional document is produced if a pc has a pre-existing COA and if no pre-existing COA.