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"Great friendly service, Malvern quickly found and sorted the problem with my desktop PC - works better then ever and was very impressed. Would highly recommend."

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"Malvern has done a lot of work to the computers in our office, top class service and the price was very good"

Stuart Taylor - Plumbing and gas ltd

desktop and laptop repairs

Desktop Laptop repairs

desktop and laptop repairs

Slow Computer Maintenance

desktop and laptop repairs

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Hardware and Software Sales

Computers are becoming easier to maintain and upgrade, something that can quite often be a very cost effective solution to ensuring your computer is working to maximum efficiency.

We have great offers on Laptop screens, Tablet PCs, keyboards and mice. We can also do you a great deal on printers, RAM memory sticks as well as hard drives.


 Best Prices Possible

We guarantee to do our very best in obtaining the best prices possible for any item.  Our nation wide supply chain allows us to maintain competitive pricing on all Hardware and Software stock ensuring that we remain competitive.hardware


Free Practical Advice

At Pc Mobile Repair Services Ltd we understand that not everybody has the inclination to marvel at the wonder of the indside of your computer, and would much rather it switched on when you wanted it to and was quicker than necessary.  With this in mind, we offer a full consultancy service to ensure that you get the right part for your computer and we will even fit any part for you, of course.



If you would like to speak to one of our consultants about buying some new hardware or software, please call us.

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These are some of the more common questions we get asked.


Desktop repairs:

Q.My PC won't boot is a very, very common problem.

A. Whether you mean that the computer is completely dead or it powers on but nothing happens, the result is the same - you can't use your computer at all. It's scary. Often the cause is noted on the so called blue screen of death simply write down the stop code shown and use another pc to search for results.


Laptop repairs:

Q. My son has broken his laptop screen does this mean I have to buy another laptop ?

A. No thankfully screen replacements are easy to do.

Q. My laptop turns off after about 5 mins ?

A. This is a common laptop problem and is caused by overheating as the laptop parts are so tightly packed together they can easily overheat. Make sure the fan is turning is there a large clump of dust ?               


Software sales:

Q. What is the best anti virus / spyware software to buy ?

A. We highly recommend Kaspersky Internet Secuirty once it has been set up it will run an automated scan and update it self.


Hardware sales:

Q. Is it wise to buy new ?

A. Not all the time now it is possible to buy a nearly new computer which will last just as long always look at the specs rather than the price.


Slow computer ?:

Q.Why is my computer slow ?

A. The answer is not straight forward there are many reasons why a computer will slow down over time the best thing to do is run a disk clean every month this will at least clear out some of the data automatically collected while you are using your computer. For a full clean of system files and deeper internet stored data always go to a recommended computer repair company.