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desktop and laptop repairs

Desktop Laptop repairs

desktop and laptop repairs

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desktop and laptop repairs

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Desktop & Laptop Hardware Repairs

Sometimes parts on your computer will simply fail through normal use, in these cases a lot of people assume that the best and cheapest solution is to simply purchase a new computer but this is quite often not the case.

A new computer is not always the answer

We've all been there, your computer simply will not start, or you have dropped your laptop and the screen has cracked.  We always think that the cheapest and easiest solution is to simply pop down to your local computer shop where you will be talked into purchasing a computer with software that you will not need and insurance that would cost more than any repair your computer would need.


No callout charges

hardwareWe will come out to your home or business at a time that suits you and will provide a quotation for any work that needs to be carried out, and don't forget that if we need to take your computer away to be repaired we aim to return it as soon as possible.


Peace of Mind

All parts supplied and fitted by Pc Mobile Repair Services Ltd  come with a full manufacture guarantee, so if you are ever dissatisfied we will always be on hand to help out and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the end result.


Specialists in all desktop and Laptop repairs

Our trained Microsoft engineers are fully qualified to replace all major parts on your computer, including:

  • Replacing cracked laptop screens
  • Motherboards
  • Graphics Cards
  • Replacing and rebuilding Operating systems*
  • RAM Memory (to help speed your computer up)
  • Power Supplies


If you would like to speak to one of our consultants about how we can help you today, please call us.




These are some of the more common questions we get asked.


Desktop repairs:

Q.My PC won't boot is a very, very common problem.

A. Whether you mean that the computer is completely dead or it powers on but nothing happens, the result is the same - you can't use your computer at all. It's scary. Often the cause is noted on the so called blue screen of death simply write down the stop code shown and use another pc to search for results.


Laptop repairs:

Q. My son has broken his laptop screen does this mean I have to buy another laptop ?

A. No thankfully screen replacements are easy to do.

Q. My laptop turns off after about 5 mins ?

A. This is a common laptop problem and is caused by overheating as the laptop parts are so tightly packed together they can easily overheat. Make sure the fan is turning is there a large clump of dust ?               


Software sales:

Q. What is the best anti virus / spyware software to buy ?

A. We highly recommend Kaspersky Internet Secuirty once set up it  runs a scan at least once a week and updates it self.


Hardware sales:

Q. Is it wise to buy new ?

A. Not all the time now it is possible to buy a nearly new computer which will last just as long always look at the specs rather than the price.


Slow computer ?:

Q.Why is my computer slow ?

A. The answer is not straight forward there are many reasons why a computer will slow down over time the best thing to do is run a disk clean every month this will at least clear out some of the data automatically collected while you are using your computer. For a full clean of system files and deeper internet stored data always go to a recommended computer repair company.