Our Promise to You

Find out how we can help you maintain your virtual sanity!

We know how much of a hassle it is to be without your computer, especially if it is your business computer. With onsite repairs this by far the best and quickest way to save you hassle.

What is a Computer Tune-Up?

Disinfect: Clean out any infections that could be lurking behind the scenes, or directly affecting operation.

Reduce the number of processes that start when your computer starts up:  There are normally up to thirty processes that start with Windows; but we usually find over fifty of them running.  We don't need to uninstall these programs; we simply tell the computer not to run them when it starts up.

Check temperatures: Temperatures inside the computer using special software that monitors internal sensors.

Clean out temp files: Your computer constantly creates temporary files during normal operations.  These files are supposed to be cleaned out automatically by the operating system, but they still accumulate over time. These temp files can cause lock-ups and slow-downs.  We provide you with free tools to clean out temp files quickly, easily and safely.  Beware of free programs that claim to do this…they can do more harm than good.

Analyze, clean and optimize the registry:  The registry is a large heap of pointers.  Your computer constantly scans the registry, frequently looking for items that are no longer there.  We clean out entries that point to something that is no longer there, and correct entries that point to the wrong place.  This increases performance and reliability.

Make your life easier: This is the art of computer tune-ups.  We build on a vast amount of experience in computing, and we have developed ways to make your computer easier to use.  You might not even notice the changes, but you will notice a significant increase in performance and ease of use.

All this done at your office or home at your convenience even on a weekend that's the real value of our mobile service to you.

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