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What to do with Windows xp & Office 2003

A sad goodbye to windows xp 2001-2014 are you ready for the biggest change yet ? Microsoft are dropping support of windows xp as of April 2014 so all xp desktops / laptops +office 2003/2007 and server 2003 are all going to be affected.

So back up now !!

Windows xp and Microsoft office 2003/2007 have been the main operating system and document handling program for so many years.


No surprise then that more computers are still running this old system mainly cos it works so well.


The thing is Microsoft are in such a hurry to get us all to change that customers missed Windows 7 and office 2010 which in my view are just as good if not better than anything that microsoft have made to date.


So now that microsoft have decided to end support of XP and office 2003 millons of companies will be affected by this.. what can they do to avoid spending huge amounts to change ?


The answer is a simple one changing to windows 7 and office 2010 is an easy process and no new training is needed plus these systems are very secure and stable.


I some cases the windows 7 and office and be loaded onto desktops or laptops the companies already have so no need to buy hardware.


This will be the biggest change to computers for many years so best to get it right and spend where you need to - get professional advise on what changes you can make without spending a huge amount.

Windows 10 -2017

This is an update on the above blog Windows 10 is now firmly with us so companies and home users alike need to upgrade to this new system and Office 365 or office 2016.

As we are a microsoft qualifield company we are best placed to give you the very best advice going forward and how to manage the cost.

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