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"Good to recommend someone who cares! I have met Malvern several times via network events and I am glad I had. PC had gone down, I contacted him for advice over the phone - next he is here rectifying the problem - on his way to an appointment for a potential new business. What a star! If your PC is down, call PCS!"

Steve R

"First class service. My old PC repair company ripped me off. Malvern came over on a Sunday and sorted it all out with a great price and service."

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IT disasters and how you can avoid them

Ransomware - the new word hitting the news - what are you doing about it ?

Get wise with today's internet: Are you protected ?

It's just weeks since British Airways suffered a catastrophic IT meltdown, but the effects of this epic operational blunder could be felt for years to come.


The iconic British flag carrier was besieged by irate holidaymakers stranded by a computer data disaster.


As PR cock-ups go, you couldn't get much worse.


With an expected compensation bill of £150 million and enduring images of forlorn passengers stuck at the airport, BA has its work cut out in putting this right.


And have you read what is said to have caused this massive failure?


A power surge and a lack of back-up for the airline's IT system.


Yes you read that right.


Can you imagine, one of our country's best-known companies and that's the care it takes with its IT systems. Frankly, it's incredible.


And for every major firm that messes up big-time, there are many, many smaller ones who don't take care of their IT systems.


Sometimes this is simply because they think it will cost too much.


Here at PC Mobile Repairs, guess what, we are on a mission to show that's just not true.


A customer contacted us recently after their PCs were affected when a member of staff unwittingly opened an email which spread a virus. This was a nightmare but would have been avoided if the right protection had been in place.


We're all about saving your virtual life and that means regular care - prevention is better than cure. We all know that!


Let us save you the time, hassle and potential dangers of potential IT meltdowns, all without any hidden cost headaches. From just £120 a month we can look after all your technology needs.


Thanks to our tailored IT support packages, you can carry on doing what you excel at, while we take care of your on-going IT needs.


Our professional and cost-effective IT upkeep packages includes:

  • ·         Your dedicated IT helpline available 9-5, Monday to Friday and 9-2 on a Saturday
  • ·         Crucial anti-virus and spyware scan set up, scheduled and maintained
  • ·         Same-day callouts when attendance is needed


Don't let your IT stay stuck on the runway - get in touch so we can help you fly high! 


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