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How much is your Email worth ?

How much is your email worth ? The most current way to get personalised adverts emailed to you more and more on-line companies sell your data is via your email. This is also a great way in for ransomware by creating fake attachments.

In a recent episode of Panorama called "How hackers steal your ID" many interesting things were shown but I one I noticed was the hacker's interest in emails.

You might think that emails may not be overly important to anyone but they showed a story which made me think.

A man was going through the motions of buying a house which he used email to regularly to keep himself up to date on how things were going then he gets an invoice asking him for payment thinking it was from the company he was dealing with as it looked exactly the same as all the other emails he had he paid but the next email he had from the company didn't refer to the payment so he phoned them up only to find out they never sent that email.

The hackers had been watching and reading his emails so they just sent the payment email at the right time so he would pay without checking it.

This the program said was not a one off story and is now the norm in how hackers work.
They suggested that to be truly safe on the internet you must see all communication with suspicion.

The internet is a hackers paradise and the world needs to wake up to it the program also reported that hacking code is now available to buy on the so called dark web so you don't have to be skilled in code they have made it easy for anyone to be a hacker.

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